Our history


The project Baskonia Atlantis has not stopped growing. Saski Baskonia and Atlantis began their journey with a groundbreaking agreement, the first global merger between a professional sports club and a eSports club in early 2015. Saski Baskonia entered this way in the emerging world of eSports, finding an attractive and effective tool to consolidate its brand internationally and an opportunity to generate additional business opportunities, within expanding markets that allow to generate new and interesting advertising assets. 15 professional players were integrated in 5 different disciplines: League of Legends, FIFA, NBA2K, DOTA2 and HearthStone.

With the coming of the new year 2016, Saski Baskonia announced its full integration to the world of eSports, becoming Baskonia eSports, under the sponsorship of Mars Gaming.

With the arrival of the new sponsor Thunder X3 the team was renamed Thunder X3 Baskonia. Currently the club competes in the disciplines of League Of Legends, Counter-Strike GO, Call Of Duty, HearthStone and Overwatch.