Kicks off the Season 5 of the Official PlayStation League

The Season 5 of the Official PlayStation League is already underway for our FIFA player Ralfitita.

A new season but with the same goal «to try to win every tournament», said Rafa. After the fall in the Group Stage in the European Finals in Lisbon, Ralfitita claims to be «at a good level, it is difficult but I think I can be one of the favorites”.

The Regular phase has begun for Rafa, who is currently playing both tournaments provided by the organization; on the one hand the FIFA16 Inaugural Tournament and on the other Fifa Ultimate Team Stage 1 . This new season will be divided into different Stages, each with one or two months of duration and a final playoff where the players in the level Platinum will fight for the coveted seats for the grand finale of the Season. Meanwhile, the remaining players at the Gold level (and in some cases in the Silver level) will compete for prizes of each Stage, thus allowing all players, regardless of their level, to have something to play for. The matches are being played with the game FIFA 16 PlayStation 4. On the format the player has stated that “I prefer tournaments bo3 before playing as much ranking, but within bad I think it’s not so bad the format, rewards consistency more than anything else” said the player.

Despite participating in both tournaments Ralfitita claims to have «good feelings”. “Among the top places there is considerable level and is never easy” but the player claims to have chances to win both tournaments. Tournaments where year after year the rivalry grows “David and Aldita are the ones I see stronger, they were the Spanish classified to Lisbon, there are a few up there that we are all evenly matched and we can all win but if I can highlight some rivals those would be” he said.

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