Aaron ‘Babeta’ Collados will lead the League of Legends team

Aaron ‘Babeta’ Collados takes charge of the Vitorian set after reaching an agreement with ThunderX3 Baskonia for next season.

Aaron ‘Babeta’ Collados is the new League of Legends coach of ThunderX3 Baskonia. The man from Alicante is the chosen one by the Baskonia to lead the squad next season. The coach is one of the figures of League of Legends with most experience in the Spanish competitive landscape. Known primarily as a player, was part of the first generation of Giants Gaming to reach the LCS.

The new Baskonia coach, in his playing career had assigned the role of ‘support’ and has played in several of the most important teams in our country. One of the players that has marked the evolution of electronic sports in Spain, reaches Vitoria after having directed the LoL team of eMonkeyz Club this past season.

Babeta will now be responsible for guiding the Baskonia ship in a new season which is expected to be exciting.

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